ShredDelish Bamboo Hair Comb

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ShredDelish Bamboo Hair Comb
"The Surfer Comb"

The ShredDelish Bamboo Hair Comb is made from eco-friendly biodegradable moso bamboo. It was created to offer one of the best combs out on the market, while helping to save the ocean we love!

Everyday millions of pieces of plastic make its way to our seas! In result of this more than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die each year from plastic pollution. Our goal is to help cut down the use of plastic combs and help protect our ocean. 

The ShredDelish Bamboo Hair Comb works amazing with all hair types. This comb is designed to untangle knots & helps maintain your hairs natural condition. It helps avoid hair loss and breakage while softly messages your scalp static free.

We love our ocean! Everyday plastic hair combs are tossed out. It will take centuries for them to decompose. This is our way to give back and treat the ocean and planet with respect and kindness.

Every comb is made from 100% authentic moso bamboo! Each comb has its own unique characteristics & no two combs are exactly the same!


7.5" Long 
2" Wide

Key Factors
* Eco-Friendly 
* Plastic Free
* Biodegradable
* Anti-Static
* Light Weight