ShredDelish Shred Hair Ties

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ShredDelish Shred Hair Ties 
"The Surfers Hair Tie" 

We made our Eco-friendly hair ties with our love of the ocean in mind. They are made from organic cotton and natural rubber. Shred Hair Ties are plastic free and biodegradable. 

In today's world many hair ties on the market are made of synthetic rubber and plastic, they break easily and hard to decompose. By switching to Shred Hair Ties with sustainable materials, it's not only better for your hair but the ocean we love. They are smooth, provide a strong hold, and super durable! After using one you won't want to use another hair tie again. 

We love our ocean! Everyday plastic and synthetic elastic hair accessories are lost at sea. It will take centuries for them to decompose. This is our way to give back and treat the ocean and planet with respect and kindness.

They come in sets of 12 hair ties!


Variations include:

Natural White
Mix (Black and Natural White)
**Please note that the natural white is an original white color without dying. It may look a little dirty**


2" before stretch 

Key Factors of why you should use Shred Hair Ties

* Super Smooth, Strong & Durable 
* Plastic-free
* Vegan
* Biodegradable
* Organic Cotton
* Natural Rubber
* Eco-Friendly